Sunday, June 24, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Saying goodbye to my last daycare cutie. Digital album I printed on 11x8.5 photo paper. Digital Kit Credits to: FireCrackerDesignsbyPamela, Susan Deeves, DSP, Shabby Princess,Lady TX,Anita Designs,Angie S, and Rhonna Farrer

Thursday, June 07, 2007

.38 Special and Peter Frampton!

After a bit of a rest yesterday, we went to see .38 Special and Peter Frampton in a private concert way out in the
Seriously, it was out in the country in a place called Smiley Hollow. It was SO kool!! Metal buckets and wash tubs all over the place, filled with ice and drinks...water, juice, food by the plate fulls!!! Pulled pork (the best I've ever had, which is saying something cuz I don't care for it), Deep Fried Cat Fish, BBQ Chicken, corn bread (in the form of pancakes...never saw THAT before!), slaw, beans, watermelon, desserts like banana puddings....down home cookin! lol
There were all these wooden buildings, (even an outhouse) picnic tables, grassy was wonderful. Games set up all over the place, horse shoes, volley ball, mini entertainment in the food building...(WHY DIDN'T I BRING MY CAMERA????) SIGH...I'm hoping to get some pix from SB later on...The fun started at 6:30, local entertainment, beginner bands etc. then a talent show kinda thing with some SB folks, wives, etc performing..then outside to the BIG ( I MEAN BIG) tent for the concert. Bleachers on one side, these kool 'fold up into a bag' blankets for sitting on the ground (gave us to keep) rain jackets (just in case,also gave us to keep) and then the show started....I've always loved .38 Special, tho I never got to see them live...they were FANTASTIC!! Course, it may have made a difference, since I was in front of the stage for the entire thing!!!!!!!!!!!! I had hoped to snag a pick for Katie to use when she KOOL would THAT be????But the girl next to me got one, and the guy next to her got one..and then this little kid comes up and stands in my spot, jumps up and down several times...(he couldn't see over the stage...he was maybe 8?) anyways...I let me in my spot, so he can see, when he suddenly bends down and picks up a pick that had landed on the ground!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. that darn pick was in my spot...I'd been standing there hoping to get a pick the entire concert....that inhaled vigorously.
AH< but .38 sounded fantastic....(altho the base guitar looks older than my dad! LOL they sure seemed to have a good time to)
and what a FANTASTIC thing,to have a company put on a private concert just for their employees etc. (Sponsored by one of their vendors, JLG)
after they finished,
I had gone back to where B was sitting, since I'd left him alone the entire concert...altho I said I was only going to the front of the stage for ONE
we chat with some folks next to us, James and Shonna(?)(I couldn't quite hear her name)
ok, after about a 45 min break, PF comes out...B wanted me to stay with him, since I'd abandoned him earlier, I should add here, he's not much into concerts..they are too noisy/loud, and he usually gets a headache. LOL
SO, I stay and I discover something...with the excpetion of a couple of songs..I am NOT a PF fan....way too much solo guitar, loonnnnngggg rifts, jazzy sounding...not my thing at I whisper to B, that except for the one song I really wanted to hear, (Baby I Love Your Way) I didn't care to stay in the
so we went out in the back of the grassy area, talked to a bunch of people, B.(dh's boss) his wonderful wife (M) and S., from Ohio! LOL
After several more annoying songs, "Baby, I.." comes on!! B and I slow dance, and sing to each sweet!! LOL (B doesn't dance, but we have a good system worked out, other than slow dancing, I move, and he stands there and keeps me from falling over when we do the twirls and stuff...LOL)
After that song was done, we left to the sounds of "Do You Feel Like I Do?" way fun walking down the road,on the way to the bus,belting out the opening lines of that one!! tee hee

General Jackson Boat Cruise 6-6-07

Left the hotel on an open air transport shuttle, (like the ones you see in the movies on the back lots of MGM-lol)
Arrived at the General Jackson dock about 1130ish. There were TONS of us!! LOL
Our group took up all the seating for one show! The show was a fabulous and fun fiddle player/band named Tim Watson. He was fun, and could imitate Willie Nelson like it was the man himself! Way fun! He gave our group a shout out, and when we cheered and clapped he said we sounded like mostly women....he says "Now I know they don't have all you beautiful women working at a rental let me ask many of you have HUSBANDS that work at ##?" we clap and cheer, He says "YUP< That's what I thought, cuz when I go in there to rent a tiller the guy says "Yup, we got onnna them...(scratchin his belly)..come on out back...(turns around, and scratches his butt, leads the way...)" Course, we was actin all this out at the time, and he has a very strong southern accent so it was just hilarious.
But, that man could seriously play the fiddle!!
I took a few pix, once the show was over, we were sent upstairs to the outside seating so the second show could start. It was HOT, and well, after the first hour of sitting there counting turtles, (I stopped after I hit 40) it was kinda I don't do sitting still with nothing to do, very well...grin
I did meet several nice ladies, Vira from Texas (I think), Lori from Mississippi, and a couple of other gals I cant' remember their names. Once nice tiny little lady (Shannon) (who was pg and doing SO well in the heat! LOL) helped me find my way back to my room when we got back...I was completely turned ended up in the wrong wing, then went down the wrong hall (twice!) lol I did get there in the end tho! Then I pretty much collapsed on the was SO hot out! We returned from the boat after 3:00. So I figure we sat outside watching the world drift by for about 2 92 degrees, bright I was lucky to have a seat in the shade, but I didn't get up the entire time, or I would not have kept that
I kept thinking how much K would have enjoyed this trip, and how bored E would have been...LOL


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


It appears I am a failure at bloggin!! LOL I neglected to tell you all where I am, and why!! LOL
ok, we pick up this story with our new house plan in SC...we came home on Sunday, before Mem. Day. I spent a short week, getting things done around the house, reviewing for finals with K, and getting ready for our Nashville trip! Why Nashville you want to know? Cut to current day:

Dh works for a rental company. They are a heavy equipment type rental company. Anything from a garden tiller to a back hoe..they have it! They are putting on a huge vendor show. They invite their vendors to show their stuff...think craft show for men! LOL
They invited all of the wives and so (significant others) to attend. They pay our airfare, and meals for the entire week, and put us up at this outstanding hotel....(the Gaylord in Opryland) While the men are working the rest of us have optional (free) tours to choose from. One of those is the river boat cruise, which I signed up for tomorrow. Another is a concert with Peter Frampton and .38 Special (tomorrow nite) which I'm totally excited about! Thursday nite is an awards ceremony and fancy dinner. I got the koolest outfit..matching shoes and hand bag....(but I forgot to pack my jewelry!! WAAHHH)
then Friday we go home...well, dh goes home...I go on to Alabama to spend the weekend with Ursi!! Yeah!! She is coming up on Friday to pick me up, then on Saturday we will meet Kathy H. for lunch (hello Kathy!!) and spend the afternoon scrappin...and ya go!! wanna see the pix I took of the atrium????? OH MY what a place!! and to think, all this lusciousness is INSIDE!!! slide show coming up!!

Made it to Nashville!!

We finally arrived last nite, about midnite! Got to the hotel, and collapsed! LOL
Ok, so first impressions of the hotel...HOLY MOLY!!! The Gaylord at Opryland MUST have it's own zip code!! They gave us a MAP to find our hotel room for Pete's sake! I'm just blown away at how gorgeous it all is (minus the mold growing on the shower curtain bar...ick!) lol
I will take pix and upload later today....our balcony overlooks the atrium...OH MY!!!
This pix is off the balcony..more later! Tomorrow I'm going on a General Jackson River Cruise..(with all the other wives and SO) lol Later!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

More Airport Saga

Well, Saints perserve us! B went online and found us a flight thru Washington Dulles! Gets us in Nashville, at 5:30. He goes to book it, but they said we would have to go on stand we high tail it to that gate, and wait...and guess what? It's full! WAAHHHHH, so here we are sitting at terminal B 30, and wiating until 4:55 to fly to Washington..where we will have a layover until 9:30 tonite..if it's not delayed.....and maybe we will get to Nashville before next year. Dinner in DC anyone? LOL

Singing The Airport Blues

We arrived at o-dark thirty this morning, ready to take our flight from Col. to Nashville, changing planes in Chicago. We get in the line, only to be told that our flight has been delayed 2 hours, which means we will be missing our connection flight. We stood in line with all the other passengers waiting for rebooking for the connecting flight. We moved exactly 10 feet in THREE HOURS!!!!!!
I kid you not. Along the way, we met a lovely couple who were going to Hawaii for their honeymoon...and a friendly family of 5 going to Tokyo! I hope they had better luck with their rebookings than we did.
We finally get our turn at the counter, and the BEST they could do...rebook us on the flight that leaves at 4:55 and get us to Nashville at 1030 PM!!! (only 12 hours later than we were supposed to arrive!!!) I'm just dumbfounded...I looked at the United Rep with a face of complete disbelief. "Is that really the best you can do for us? There are no other flights, thru any where, getting us there quicker??" He apologizes and says I'm almost in tears by now....this is the ENTIRE day WASTED!!! Ok, it's either take this flight, or fly tomorrow...we take that I said, well, at least you'll give us food vouchers..won't you? He actually said NO!!! Why not?? He just apologizes and says he can't do it. What the H#@$!?? So here we sit, in Wendy's food court in the Col. took another 3 hours before their stupid internet was working....aren't you glad they got it going just so I could share all this joy with you? SIGH......
One entire day of the convention wasted.......ARGGGG!!!!