Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our trip to W. VA.

July 29, 2006
8:15 am

We are in W. Va. In Charleston! B and I came over yesterday so we can pick up the girls from UB. Tamarack is the half way point from his house to ours. So we decided to stay in Charleston for the nite and meet up with them today. Unfortunately it’s only rained since we got here, but living in Germany for all those years you learn not to let a little rain stop you. I didn’t take any pix, but we walked all over Capital Street, and Currier Street in the warm summer rain. We stopped in the famous Peanut Shop and OH the chocolate coverd everything was sooo good, and B bought the hot and spicy mix…he enjoyed them too! We had lunch at Blossom Deli which is the neatest little deli that’s been operating since the 30’s! It’s still decorated in that same kind of style and I kept imaging Veronica, Archie and Jughead would walk in at any moment! B had a Greek salad which he loved, but I stuck with the typical American choices….roast beef on onion bread with cheese and horseradish sauce! Lol We planned on walking to the Capital building, but we went the direction of the river (Kanawha…) instead. After the long walk back to the hotel, we decided to check out the pool and hot tub! There was NO ONE around! It was so lovely to have the whole place to ourselves. They even had a sauna….I asked B what would happen if we Saunaed like they do in Germany (nakey) lol….He figured they’d probably ask us to leave! Last nite the hotel had a manager’s welcome. Free drinks and appetizers. There was fruit and veggies with ranch dip (which B could eat) and there was semi spicy cheese dip and chips that went SO well with the drink of the nite….Margaritas!! OMGOSh we had a blast! The bartender’s name is Richard. And he was a big flirt, but fun. He could make a seriously good (and not even the crushed kind which I prefer) Margarita! I think I had 7 of them…but by the 6th one I told B I knew I was done, cuz 'I didn’t want to end up with an overhang in the morning '
Richard was fixing drinks for me 2 at a time!! And he was giving B a goldeny beer also 2 at a time.. We had WAAAAY too much fun! Grin IN between the drinks, he was fixing a half a glass of some shot mixture….a HALF a GLASS shot! I couldn’t even drink it all at once! He told me I was wasting a good thing…lol and to drink it up in one….it tasted like Lemonade…when I asked him what it was he just said it was 7up and Orange Juice….yeah right! This welcome went from 530-730. About 6 or so I was chatting with Richard while he was fixing my drink, and I mentioned that if I kept this up. I’d never make it to dinner. He asked where we were going, and I said I didn’t really know yet. He suggested we eat at the hotel, then he looks at me and says “NO, here’s what you’re gonna do…take this drink, walk over to the check in counter, tell them to make you a reservation at Soho’s for 8:00. You are dressed perfectly for this place, casual up scale kinda place with fantastic food! Start with the proscetta….it’s to die for!” (Had shrimp and cheese on it!! And it WAS to die for!! LOL) “ You know of course you are going to stay with me until 730….so the shuttle can pick you up at 745 and take you the Soho’s and then just call them and they will come and pick you up again. You’re gonna love it.” It was a conversation right out of a movie!! We didn’t stay with Richard the whole time tho…we knew we really WOULDN”T make it to dinner! We started drinking water, every other drink, and we left for about half an hour and went across the street to the mall. It’s one of the largest Malls in the Eastern US. We rode up and down the escalator, went up the 3rd floor food court, and had a free sample of some delicious Chicken teriyaki, then ended up in Lane Bryant’s! LOL I bought 2 tank tops and tried on a really kool (and expensive $45.00) shirt, which B said honestly made me look Pregnant. NO THANKS! LoL…I called Ursula several times to share my fun with her…I know she musta thought I was nuts when I called her from the dressing room, laughing hysterically just because I was in LB trying on clothes….sure struck ME as funny at the I am in WVA. , staying at the ever so lovely Embassy Suites, feelin no pain….and what do I do? I go to LB’s and try on clothes! Grin….We went back to see Richard, had a couple more drinks, and then went in the shuttle to the restaurant. SOOO yummy! But I was so full from the drinks..I ended up bringing most of my chicken cacciatore home! Hopefully I won’t forget it in the fridge when we leave! Took some aspirn with more water before we went to bed last nite, and woke up feeling fine! Going to the complimentary made to order, breakfast in a few mintues…Later!!! Me