Sunday, July 29, 2007

A few ATCs just for fun!

A few ATCs made with my new CLEAR Acrylic ATC set..this baby is a BIG set...8.5 x 12 inches of stamping delight! 4 backgrounds (I used the music one for these), the label stamp, and over 30 words to combine....(I even went so far as to cut apart the quotes so I could use THOSE words individually too!! LOL) This set is worth every penny!! I hope tomorrow to try some card backgrounds by tiling these bg stamps....till then!

Other images used: Fall Flower, Tumbling Scarecrow, Whimsical You.
PS-All of these cards are available for trade! Just email me!!

Here is the label stamp included in this awesome set!! I have traded a few cards internationally, but I never remember the countries (months later) so I wanted to include a spot to write your country of origin (pertaining the where the card was made, not necessarily YOUR country of

Monday, July 23, 2007

ATC Workshop Lesson 3-4

Boy, it's been a while since I've had time to work on this workshop. Good thing I'm not under any
SO Lesson 3 consists of using paper towels, and iridescent paint, you create layered shiny bgs. and stamp over them...Not all that happy with my results....I LOVE the colors, but they are just too dark for my stamping...I did cut out a few images, and layer them on..but it looks only ok. LOL

Lesson 4-Uses Metallic pen resist. Also uses those liquid water colors again..which
you know, I still don't have...sigh..SOOO, I shmoosed an ink pad on a transparency, sprayed it with water, and brushed it on...did ok...not as much resist as there should be, I'm sure. But I do like the colors. Then stamp with black acrylic paint...add ephemera images and done!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Art!!

Played in my studio all day today! My teenagers set up tables and played right along side me...what FUN that was!!! Here are some of our efforts, the entire collection is on gallery pg. 6 on my website. You GOTTA check out the new fall sets..they are SO FUN to play with!!!

Katie did this cute "Get Well Card"

Elizabeth did the one above, and Katie did the one below. We picked out a card to case from a magazine.

They had lots of fun designing bookmarkers. Here are a few of them!