Friday, November 23, 2007

A few pix of the house

Just a few pix of the house so far....haven't gotten them finished...not sure what I'll do yet either...but here it is so far...will put up pix of E's room as soon as the batteries recharge on my camera! LOL

Living Room as viewed from the hall

Living Room as viewed from Kitchen

Name collage we made for K's door: (stamps are Club Scrap and an unknown one, paper is ClubScrap)

K's Room as viewed from the doorway:

K's room as viewed from her

Master Bedroom as viewed from MBath door:

Master Bedroom as viewed from doorway:

A word about the window treatment behind my bed... We went into a store called Anne's Linens, and I saw this bed on display that had this great treatment behind it (in different colors) my heart actually started racing, I was so excited...I wanted to bring color into my room with out painting..and I thought this was such a great way to get it!! SO I hunted down a sale associate and exclaimed..."Oh, I WANT THAT!! But in gold and me!!!" LOL...I LOVE the way it turned out..but B did not enjoy standing on the bed adjusting the swag (cuz I sure couldn't reach it!) A little more to the left honey, no,now more to the


Etha said...

Pretty neat pictures :) Love the name collage!! The "window" treatment behind the bed is a nice idea, it really loosens up the room.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Pamela! Your house is beautiful!

Ursula said...

Wow, it's looking so great! I know you must be thrilled with how it's all coming together!