Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cutting Tips

Oh YES! We all have them! You know those wonderful plates of unmounted rubber you ordered with such
enthusiasm, but then when you got them you stared them in total fright! "HOW am I supposed to CUT those apart??"(Even I have a few plates that are closer than I intended them to be! lol)
Here is how I handle those images...first put on your "I can do ANYTHING!!" hat..then follow the images below.

Warning: Do not attempt before first infusion of caffeine (coffee, coke, hot chocolate,Dove...etc)

These paisleys are a bit closer than I'd like. You're going to need some sharp
scissors for this type of surgery. I recommend either KIA, or the ones
from SU (there is a rep on my links

Gently tug the rubber so it spreads apart a bit, giving you room to slide
those oh so sharp and pointy scissors in between the images.

Pull the lower edge down and sorta wrap it between your fingers. Slide the scissors underneath the rubber, be careful you don't poke your fingers..and carefully cut apart.
Remember this is surgery, go slowly,but dont' forget to BREATH!
We wouldn't want you to pass out from lack of oxygen! LOL
If you have a hard time keeping the rubber slightly pulled apart, ask
someone to hold it for you. Just be careful not to pull it too hard. Red
rubber is pretty tough, but you don't want to chance it tearing.

Reader Tips:-I use an Exacto knife -- especially if it's a new blade, those cut close images great!-Kim D. (DT)

-I couldn't do it without my Tonic Studios fine detail scissors! I do it much the same way you described! The worse ones I
ever had were the Club Scrap wedding font UM - Scriptina font - VERY close together! I was a nervous wreck, but didn't
damage a single letter, and cut them all out much as you described! ;o)-Ursula R. (DT)

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Anonymous said...

Great tips and love the humor :). I needed a chuckle today.